Magdy & Sylvia

To Rasem and the team at Barrelle Guirguis Architects

 Too often in life we are quick to criticise or complain about things when they are not done to our liking and rarely rave about the things that go our way.

 I believe that it is also important to comment and praise people when things have been done well.

 My wife and I approached Rasem of Barrelle Gurguis Architects to design our dream home. From day one Rasem was always open to hear all our suggestions, and come up with a design concept that met and exceeded our expectations.

 We both have quite busy schedules and Rasem made sure that nothing was left to chance. He liaised with our builder and met the builder on site as needed. With that peace of mind, I can attend to the things I need to without having to be burdened with the building side of things that, for my wife and I, is exceptional as neither of us know anything about building - we are both working professionals and wouldn’t have a clue as to where to begin.

 Rasem’s attention to detail is what sets him apart from the rest. When you are busy day to day, and don’t have the time to be on site, Rasem ensures everything is so meticulously thought out and planned so that nothing is left to chance.

 Thanks Rasem and the team at Barrelle Guirguis for making our dream home a reality.


Michael Noonan

This is a long overdue testimonial for Raz Guirguis of Barrel Guirguis Architects. I had the pleasure of meeting Raz through a common interest and was impressed with his personal qualities. When it came time for us to redevelop an existing site we owned, I initiated a conversation with Raz and the professional relationship began.

Since that initial engagement we have completed one very tricky development were he certainly maximised the commercial use beyond the council guidelines; have started construction on a second (again difficult) commercial project where his experience and foresight has proven invaluable, and began the DA process for a third commercial/residential mixed site. In addition to the construction Raz has designed our four offices of which Lugarno has been completed and looks great!

I have been impressed with Raz’s ability to work with myself, the builder and council to achieve results beyond initial expectations. Using Raz has given me the confidence to push the boundaries and attempt projects that I would normally have hesitated over. He has a great attitude towards the entire development process and nothing I have asked of him thus far has ever been too hard. I appreciate that Raz always makes himself available and takes the time to explain the process. He has shown great willingness to think through some very difficult solutions for us and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of his services.

Should anyone wish to discuss this reference further please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0421 357 357.

Yours faithfully,